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Arthropod Webquest

Arthropod website

Arthropod Project

The following information must be included in the project.

I. Identify and explain the characteristics that all arthropods have in common.

II. Identify and present the 5 major classes of arthropods and the diversity of each class. Show how they differ by preparing a chart titled “5 Major Groups of Arthropods”. The chart should include: number of body sections, pairs of legs, pairs of antennae, pairs of wings, and give examples from each class.

III. Life cycle of arthropods – Define and explain complete and incomplete metamorphosis – include molting.
Make sure to include a illustration or Drawing!!

IV. Use the arthropod drawing to name the 3 body sections.

V. Answer the following –
To which body section do these appendages attach?
      1. Antennae
      2. wings
      3. legs
      4. fangs

VI. Make a graph to show NUMBER OF SPECIES that make up each class of arthropods.

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